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RV Enthusiast is dedicated to the technical side of RV ownership. Every monthly issue will illustrate — in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process — how to maintain, repair and upgrade towable or motorized rigs!
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Tow Vehicles, too!
The First Magazine Created By and For Hands-on RV Enthusiasts!
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ervice has always been a vital part of RV ownership. But while most people love their RVs, they don’t necessarily know how to fix, maintain or upgrade them to suit their particular needs. As a result, the service bays of most RV dealerships and repair centers are often flooded with motorhomes and trailers in need of some attention, oftentimes creating a service backlog of a month or more. And as RV popularity continues to surge, this situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

At RV Enthusiast magazine, we have a better idea.

Fix it yourself.

Granted, not all RV owners possess the information and inclination needed to diagnose and repair an engine or transmission, but how many times do major components really break down, anyway? No, the service bays at RV dealerships are filled with vehicles housing refrigerators that don’t cool, electrical systems that don’t function and holding tanks that leak.

These things can be repaired by RV owners armed with a toolbox and accurate knowledge of exactly what the repair requires. Just as they can maintain their AC generator, replace a water heater, install an awning or upgrade the power converter.

That is what RV Enthusiast is all about. It is, from its very first issue, North America’s premier ‘how-to’ RV magazine.

Knowing how to present technical information to readers isn’t easy. To that end, we’ve assembled the most experienced group of technical writers and editors ever seen in the RV industry:

Bob Livingston, Publisher — Perhaps the most experienced technical writer in the RV industry, Bob spent more than 40 years at Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines, overseeing the technical writing as he climbed the ladder, finishing his career there as Group Publisher. Bob is also the author of Trailer Life’s RV Repair & Maintenance Manual, long considered the authority on RV repair for the do-it-yourself crowd. Today, Bob and his wife, Lynne, are full-time RVers and spend the majority of each year traveling the country. He was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in 2014.

Bruce Hampson, Editor — A gearhead who grew up spinning wrenches on cars, Bruce took his knowledge and experience to the publishing field, where he oversaw a number of top automotive, marine and RV magazines during his 40-year career (including MotorHome). He also learned the inside of the industry firsthand as longtime editor of the premier trade magazine RVBusiness. His favorite RV memory revolves around a summer-long cross-country trip in a restored/modified Winnebago Brave motorhome with his son, Jeremy, and their Siberian Husky.

Bill Gehr, Technical Director — Bill started his 50-year career in the RV industry when he went to work for an Airstream dealership before eventually deciding to open his own business — Bill’s RV Service — in Ventura, California. He soon met Bob Livingston, and together they worked on hundreds of technical editorial projects at his shop. Bill also eventually joined Bob on the TV show “RVtoday,” filming a number of hands-on projects. After retiring, Bill headed out full-time in his fifth wheel and toured 39 states while writing technical articles for Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines.

This core group will ensure RV Enthusiast focuses on subjects that matter most to RVers — maintaining, repairing and upgrading their RVs and tow vehicles. Along the way, readers will also learn how to choose new vehicles, components and accessories; follow complete RV makeovers done the correct way; get much-needed information on the latest vehicles; read helpful reviews; and much, much more.

RV Enthusiast is an informative and entertaining source of knowledge that readers will refer to over and over again. By presenting technical and how-to articles in a friendly, conversational format, readers will know more about their RVs and feel more confident about working on them — which will continue to fuel the passion for RVing we’ve all enjoyed for decades.

Staff Contacts
PUBLISHER: Bob Livingston – (805) 320-6909
[email protected]

EDITOR: Bruce Hampson – (574) 584-4616
[email protected]

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Bill Gehr – (805) 340-5015
[email protected]

ADVERTISING DIRECTOR: Sue Seidlitz – (805) 816-8759
[email protected]

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2022 Editorial Calendar + Ad Deadlines
JANUARY – RV Ailments & Solutions / How to recognize and rectify common RV problems. Ad space reservations close Dec. 21; materials due Dec. 28.

FEBRUARY – Small Electronics / Inverters, converters, surge protectors and more. Ad space reservations close Jan. 19; materials due Jan. 26.

MARCH – Spring Detailing / Dewinterizing, interior/exterior cleaning, decal removal and more. Ad space reservations close Feb. 17; materials due Feb. 24.

APRIL – Off-Grid Upgrades / Solar power, batteries, LED lights and 12-volt appliances. Ad space reservations close March 15; materials due March 22.

MAY – Generation X / AC generator service, repair, size guidelines and new models. Ad space reservations close April 13; materials due April 20.

JUNE – Insurance and Extended Warranties / What’s covered, what’s not and how to establish a claim. Ad space reservations close May 13; materials due May 20.

JULY – The Ultimate Campsite / Tips and tricks for the perfect RVing experience. Ad Space reservations close lune 10; materials due June 17.

AUGUST – Pipe Dreams / Cleaning, maintaining and upgrading RV plumbing systems. Ad space reservations close July 11; materials due July 18.

SEPTEMBER – Suspended Animation / Trailer and motorhome suspension enhancements. Ad space reservations close Aug. 10; materials due Aug. 17.

OCTOBER – Electrifying Developments / How to track down and eliminate 12- and 120-volt troublespots. Ad space reservations close Sept. 9; materials due Sept. 16.

NOVEMBER – Winter Camping Tips / Equipping an RV for cold-weather use and enjoyment. Ad space reservations close Oct. 10; materials due Oct. 17.

DECEMBER – Storage Upgrades / How to increase interior and exterior storage capacity. Ad space reservations close Nov. 9; materials due Nov. 16.

Each issue also will feature 2022 RV reviews and top new product debuts!

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*Content, video, podcast must be for a different product/topic for each Newsletter issue.

The RVExpert Weekly Newsletter deploys every Monday and closes for space and materials 10 days before deployment date.

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